Keep Riding

Summer 2016 I biked from Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory to Montreal, Kanien’kehá:ka Land. This game encapsulates the last four hours of biking through Southern Ontario, a day that's logged here.

There are four endings, one is the true one. There is more than one way to reach the true ending, one of them is the real one.

Opens in-browser full screen.

Development log

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I really loved how this put me in the headspace you must have been in during that bike trip. At one point, as I clicked "keep riding" again and again and seemed to make no progress, I started to wonder if the game was sending me into a loop and I'd never make it to my friend's house at all -- I felt palpable relief to arrive and get an ending. The prose was also evocative. Like it a ton. Looking forward to your next one!